Nursery Schedule

January 7th                     Donnie & Susannah Lassetter

January 14th                    Elaine Lassetter

January 21                        Cassie Harper

January 28th                   Kim Thompson 

February 5th                   Sherry Wilson

February 12th                    Nancy Webb

February 19th                    Joel & Debbie Prince

February 26th                    Teresa & Helen Kight

February 5th                       Gayle Jarrell

February 12th                     Sara Lyle

February 19th                     Anne Richards

February 26th                     Donnie & Susannah Lassetter 

If you can't make your date, please try to swap or 

call - Sherry (770)543-9384.  If it is your Sunday morning

and something comes up call as soon as possible.